Organic Skincare & Aromatherapy

Organic Skincare & Aromatherapy ‘ONE STOP SHOP’.

The closer you stay to nature, the more amazed you feel. Every time.

– A nature enthusiast

Wondering who we are and what we do?

100% Natural Organic Skincare & Aromatherapy body butters, cold pressed oils, essential oils, bath salts, serums and more. We provide products of the finest quality and rawest form. Pure, clean, natural and non-toxic. We offer Certificate of Analysis (COA) upon request, to confirm our products’ quality.

Picture us as your herbal therapist. A comforting conjurer with the knack of soothing and settling your senses, and gradually ushering a wave of undying calm, composure and confidence. We promote wellness by staying natural.

Our mantra to live a wholesome life is: Stay raw; stay natural. Stay true; stay you.

Take a peek into our charmed closet.

DIY and personalize your skincare routine. Bring in some play in body/skin care regimes. It’s helluva fun!

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That’s all folks! We’re done with our “Who’s We” tale. But there’s plenty for you to do. Amble through our website. Cart off some products. Bundle up some herbal secrets. Sync with nature. And, stay synergised with Prasadhak.