Salts Sugar Serum

Salts, Sugar, Serum

Buy 100% genuine Skincare Salts, Sugar, Serum on Prasadhak.

Our exclusive range of Salt & Sugar therapy exfoliators are 100% pure, raw, organic and kind to skin. The salt and sugar therapy range can be used for various skin and hair ailments and can be used year long, under all weather conditions.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of sloughing away the build-up on dead skin cells on the surface. This can cause a rough texture and dulled complexion. By removing these surface cells through regular exfoliation, you are not only helping your skin absorb subsequent products better (like lotions, serums, SPF, and moisturizers), but are also making way for healthy- and brighter-looking skin!


With no added preservatives, and no hidden chemicals, Prasadhak’s Salt & Sugar Therapy Range is exclusive for DIY soap making, face scrubs, exfoliation, body scrubs, healing and more.

SALT Vs SUGAR – which one is right for you?

Salt is a Detoxifying and Purifying agent. Coarse salt scrubs are good for removing dead skin like on your feet and elbows. It is an ideal treatment for skin detoxification. The salt granules work a little harder than the gentler sugar scrubs. Thus salt scrubs are a good choice for where skin can get especially dry and calloused. They can be used as a natural antiseptic as they kill bacteria and fungus.

Sugar provides more of a softening effect than salt does. Sugar scrubs are smaller particles and tend to be gentler on the skin. Mostly used for face and sensitive skin, sugar therapy will keep your skin hydrated and open pores for other skin treatments.

So be it salt therapy or sugar therapy – ALWAYS remember to exfoliate before you start any skin treatment. Renew your dead, dull skin and make it glow!

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