100% Pure Aloe vera Gel

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100% Pure Aloe vera Gel -Multipurpose Beauty Skin & hair care. It is made from the pure Aloe Vera plant species which grows wild in tropical climates of India. In fact, this miracle plant holds a shocking amount of health benefits for medicinal purposes, beauty purposes and agricultural purposes.

Use it for various skin and hair treatments, make a toner, use as ice cubes, or directly. A must have in every household


100% Pure Aloe vera Gel

Multipurpose Beauty Skin & hair care

Aloe vera Gel is made from 100% Aloe plant. It is transparent, with no added chemicals, color or scent. All your beauty and skin treatment needs met with this one multipurpose natural GEM


Used for beauty, skin and hair treatments, 100% Pure Aloe vera Gel cools your skin, leaving it supple and soft. Aloe Vera Gel is a complete relief gel that helps you with a lot of skin issues. It is an amazing skin conditioner that can be used on your face, body, burns or even as an after shave lotion!

Aloe vera gel contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing and help as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agent. Prasadhak’s 100% Pure Aloe vera Gel  – Use it for various skin and hair treatments. A must have in every household

Skin Benefits Of Pure Aloe Vera Gel:

  • Moisturizes and smooths skin
  • Promotes healthy skin & hair
  • Heals burns and rashes
  • Aids in Acne treatment and scar reduction
  • Helps in healing sunburn and skin peeling
  • Aftershave alternative for men
  • Reduces dandruff, promotes hair growth and hence can be used as a leave in conditioner
  • Tightens pores
  • Lightens skin when used daily
  • Safe to use on children as it is non-toxic
  • Lightens blemishes and stretch marks to an extend
  • A great shaving gel alternate for women
  • It’s natural, gentle make up remover and can be used on sensitive skin too. Use it to remove eye makeup without any fear too

aloe vera gel


To make the most of it rub a small amount of product to your hands, and then rub over entire body. The gel will evaporate on contact with your skin and has no artificial color or smell.

  • Use as a toner to tighten pores – by mixing in warm water and essential oils
  • Make your own hand sanitizer
  • Freeze in an ice tray and use on skin as ice cubes (DIY ice cubes) – Use daily
  • Aloe vera scrub: Grab half a cup of fresh aloe vera gel, a cup of coconut sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. The sugar will help exfoliate and scrub off dead skin, the aloe vera will deep clean the skin and the lemon will help fade out scars and tan
  • Eyelash/eyebrow Gel: Mix together aloe vera gel and argan oil. Apply the concoction on your eyelashes and brows to boost hair growth.
  • Did you know aloe vera enhances the shine of hair? It is often used as masks to bring back life into dull locks. If you do not have time for a 30min leave in hair mask of aloe, curd and honey – Mix 1 tsp of aloe vera gel with your regular shampoo, and wash as you would. Ta-da, your hair is cleaned and also moisturised at the same time.


100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe Barbadensis Miller), .5% Carbopol, 0.04% Sodium Benzoate


Store in a cool, dry place and avoid contact with moisture. best stored in the pouch,resealed


Keep away from children and avoid contact with eyes. Seek medical advice if you have a medical condition or are pregnant. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

If you’ve never used aloe vera before, caution is key. Start by applying a small amount of the plant to your skin, somewhere other than your face (like your arm or thigh).

Wait at least 24 hours to test for an allergic reaction. If you don’t notice anything amiss, you can begin using it in larger quantities.


50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams


  1. Jessica

    LOVEEE IT! firstly, I love that it is in a reseal pouch and easy to carry anywhere. It helps tone and dry out the oiliness and also makes my skin super soft. thanks guys!

  2. Niharika Sharma

    Honestly speaking,i like this gel better than most of the aloe vera gels.I apply it on my face overnight everyday. Next morning i do feel and soft and fresh but can’t guarantee on the fact that it heals acne/pimple marks. Overall product is Best.

  3. Darsana prakash

    3rd time purchased
    I’m using this on my hair n scalp directly once a week
    Aloe Vera is the Best replacement for hair serum

  4. Neelam Chaturvedi

    Using it for the first time,I used it for my face and scalp, Prasadhak’s aloe vera gel is great. Must try It!

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