Slide-N-Lock Sealing Rods

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The multi-purpose seal rods are here! versatile, endless uses around the house, and on the go. These seal rods are easy to use and can be placed on any packaging; making it air tight and leak proof. Can be refrigerated and also microwave friendly 🙂

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– Locks out air & moisture, so food stays fresh longer
– Ideal for tea & coffee, snacks, chip, vegetable, liquids, take away’s & picnic pack. Store Neatly while travelling.
– Temperature tolerance, from freezing (-20*c) to boiling (+110*c)
– Virtually unlimited uses around home, office or while travelling.
– Easy to clean and Re-usable
– Space saving design fits easily into kitchen drawers fridge & other spaces.
– use 2 or more slide-n-lock on one bag to keep your meals separated while travelling – mix or remove prior to use.
– Slide-n-lock can be used to reseal various pack of cereals, breads, pasta, rice, sugar, sandwich, salt, etc.

How to use
Step1: Fold & crease the open end of the bag.
Step 2 : insert Slide-n-lock between the bag fold
Step 3 : Slide the rod all the way along the crease to seals it, slide the other way again to open.

Additional Information

Set 2, Set 4C, Set 4D, Set 4E


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