Pure Unrefined Natural(White) Beeswax

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Like honey, Unrefined Natural Beeswax has antibacterial properties helping keep things clean and reducing risks of contamination. This makes it a common ingredient in skin treatments, salves and more!   Our White, tripled filtered Natural Beeswax is 100% Organic, Natural and Pure. It is a great natural alternative to mineral oil like petroleum jelly/ Vaseline.

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Benefits: Skin Therapy | Hair Therapy | Home Care

Natural, Unrefined, Organic Beeswax is popular for its unique chemistry and versatile uses. It is a natural soft pliable wax with a complex composition. Produce by the wax from eight abdominal glands of Honeybees (Genus Apis) you will be thankful to the bees for this miracle!

  • Beeswax is a barrier which helps to seal moisture into the skin like a body butter
  • Beeswax thickens homemade cosmetics and lotions because it is solid at room temperature
  • Soothes cracked heels and butters your hands to stay soft and clean
  • Just like natural honey, beeswax is safe to use on infants and children
  • Great for candle making, Casting industry, Molding industry, Art and decoration
  • Beeswax also has vitamin A, which improves hydration to the skin and promotes cell regeneration.
  • It is also used as a coating agent for Wood and Floor Polishes
  • Can also be used it as an adhesive and to help waterproofing buildings/structures
  • You can waterproof your shoes with beeswax. Do not worry about the expensive pair getting spoilt in dust or rain


  • Beeswax is compatible with most vegetable and mineral waxes and a large variety of natural and synthetic resins
  • Melt beeswax, using a double boiler method. Add oils, essential oils or other bases to make your own product and let it cool. Great for lip balm recipes, deodorants, lotion bars, and baby products

Ingredient: 100% Pure, White, Triple filtered Beeswax (cera alba)

Caution: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid contact with moisture. Keep away from children and contact with eyes. The product is for external use only. Seek medical advice before using the product, if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant. If irritation occurs upon use of the product, discontinue its use immediately.
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2 Reviews for Pure Unrefined Natural(White) Beeswax

  1. Posted by  • 

    It’s really good. Initially was little skeptical about the Natural beeswax but it really works well. Would definitely repurchase. Thank you Prasadhak.

    5 out of 5
  2. Posted by  • 

    Natures Treasure Discovered! Natural beeswax is very conventient products and mostly used in skincare diy’s. U can make lipbalms, lotion bars, winter cream or use it just like that for intense moisturise.

    5 out of 5

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