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Natural, Organic and Unrefined Cold Pressed Oil

The Cold Pressed oil has been utilized for a large number of years in different societies for therapeutic and wellbeing purposes.

In light of their upper, invigorating, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral and quieting properties, Coldpressed oils are as of late picking up ubiquity as a characteristic, safe and financially savvy treatment for various health concerns.

prasadhak - Essential oil

Cold Pressed COCONUT OIL

  • Most Indians have grown up using coconut oil for head massages, but did you know that coconut oil has so many other internal & external uses and benefits?


  • Combats hair dandruff and skin rashes
  • Helps in healing sunburn and skin peeling
  • Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair
  • Moisturizes and smoothens tough or rough skin

Cold Pressed ARGAN OIL

  • Cold Pressed Moroccan or Argan Oil is famed for its healing, conditioning, calming and soothing effect.
  • The Moroccan oil hydrates skin, hair and nails. It is suitable for all skin types – oily, dry and sensitive, and leaves the skin supple and soft.


  • Anti-aging and helps reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and scars
  • Razor burn treatment, sunburn treatment
  • Body massage and skin therapy
  • Foot massage to treat dry, cracked heels and wear socks overnight to get soft feet

Cold Pressed NEEM OIL

  • Neem Oil is extracted from the whole fruit and seeds if the tropical tree Azadirachta indica, also known as the Indian Lilac.
  • Neem Oil is abundant in Nutrients.


  • Acne, rashes, and inflammation
  • Reduce ticks and fleas on pets
  • Get rid of body and hair lice
  • Relieves Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Pest control at home and kitchen

Cold Pressed Grapeseed OIL

  • Cold Pressed Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seed of grapes, typically wine grapes.
  • Grapeseed oil assists with skin repair, as it has mildly astringent and antiseptic qualities. In addition, the emollient properties of the oil make it an effective moisturizer and a sage carrier oil for dilution of essential oils.


  • Moisturizes and smoothen skin
  • Scar treatment
  • Skin lightening (under-eye circles and dark spots)
  • Anti-aging and reduces wrinkles
  • Itchy, dry or irritating scalp and hair treatment

Buy Cold Pressed Oil and Make your Body Healthy!!

Prasadhak – The Gift of Nature.

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