Body Butter

Body Butter

Body butter is a skin moisturizer that typically contains some form of plant oil. It’s thicker than lotions and is extra effective at rejuvenating dry skin, whether used all over or only on problem patches, such as elbows and knees. These are produced from natural oils with no water added to it, thus protecting your skin from outside elements and You may wonder what else you can use the butters for? Well, the answer is…EVERYTHING!

Our Butter Therapy Body Butters are 100% pure, unrefined, organic and straight from the plant/tree. These butter can be used for various Skin and Hair Ailments and can be used year long, under all weather conditions.

With No preservatives and No chemicals, Prasadhak’s Butter Therapy Range is exclusive for DIY soap making, lotions, creams, serums or direct use. The premium quality is ensured with every batch we source, and these butters come from across the world, just for you!

Use as a leave-in hair conditioner, whip it to make your very own personalized lotion, apply on kids for soft skin/ nappy rashes, use as a night cream, for cracked heels and so much more… you will be grateful you have your personal jar of butter-licious goodness and an even butter-licious skin.

So, Butter UP, for some skin therapy.

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