Bath Salts with Herbs

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Bath Salts with Herbs

Epsom Salt baths are the bomb! Use it in a bath, shower or exfoliate with these mesmerizing, high quality soaks and be taken into a world of heightened senses! Take some ‘me-time’ today.

Prasadhak’s exclusive range of Bath Salts with Herbs have therapeutic dried herbs, essential oils and Epsom salts for targeted therapy. you can choose from the below range of products we offer:


BREATHE:  Open up your senses | aid with cold and flu | releases  body pains | clear nose and sinus | breathe easy

Made with Epsom salts, dried Calendula herbs, and essential oils of peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus


CALM: Relaxation | de-stress | clear mind and body | releases body pain

Made with Epsom salts, dried marigold flowers , and essential oils of ylang ylang and geranium


DETOX: Cleanses your body of toxicity | releases body pain | clears mind | open up your senses

Made with Epsom salts, dried lavender buds , and essential oils of frankincense and cedarwood


ENERGY: Gives an energy boost | reduces tiredness | releases body pain | relief from sore muscles

Made with Epsom salts, dried rosemary herbs , and essential oils of orange and bergamot


FOCUS: Clears your mind | de-stress | memory booster | releases body pain | relaxation

Made with Epsom salts, dried rose petals , and essential oils of rosemary and lavender



  1. Bath: draw yourself a warm bath and add 1-2 cups of your favored bath salt
  2. Shower: scoop a spoonful in a warm shower and use as an exfoliate. Epsom salts will dissolve in water
  3. Bucket: Add 2-3 spoonful in warm water and take a bath

Note: As these bath salts contain dried herbs, remember to clear your drainage after a bath!

Additional Information
Weight.300 kg

Breathe, Calm, Detox, Energy, Focus


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