About Us

Stay Raw, Stay Natural and welcome to Prasadhak – the bearers of Organic Skincare and Aromatherapy products

We work hard to provide you the highest quality, natural products from around the wolrd

We live by our mantra of Natural Goodness. We strive to bring us back to our ancient roots of Ayurvedic remedies, herbal therapy, and ‘Dadi ke Nuske’ in the Beauty Industry. Prasadhak’s team believes that Mother Nature has a cure for all skin, mind, body and soul ailments. Be it our Aromatherapy range, or butters, bath salts and oils – they are all handpicked, checked, tested and sourced from around the world!

Our Company

We started our journey when we got an enquiry for exporting herbal extracts and botanical. With Prasadhak, we took a step in a similar direction and have opened our doors to the local market. Now, we not only export just herbs but their 100% natural byproducts. Making us commit ourselves to enrichment of mind and body not for a soul or two but the society at large.

Our mantra to live a wholesome life is:

Stay raw; stay natural. Stay true; stay you.

Our Speciality

We specialize in bringing the rawest, natural ingredients in the Beauty space thanks to our long standing relationship with various suppliers across the globe. As we export and purchase in bulk; we can offer you the best prices for our range of products.

We repack and customize in small batches ensuring a personal touch and keeping the quality in check.

If you have a new Organic skincare brand, we help build your product range. Get in touch today for our special discounted rates!

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